Sunday, October 17, 2010

I've Been Gone Too Long

Well, I am finally home after a very long trip!  It was wonderful to see everybody and to be up north again and get a small taste of fall, but it is also wonderful to be home again! 

As soon as I got home I felt an urge to 'fluff up my nest' after not homemaking for such a long time.  One of my first projects was to organize my storage container drawer.  On my trip I found a good deal on Pyrex glass storage containers with lids.  (I think some stores still have a $10 dollar rebate deal)  I believe glass is much healthier for us than plastic.  They last longer and don't absorb food odors or stains.  Also, my husband is always preaching to me about 'dish economy'. :)  With these, you can cook the food, store it in the refrigerator, reheat in the oven/toaster oven or microwave,  or even put them in the freezer.  So hopefully I am phasing out plastic.

This is a photo of before.  It had been a while since I had organized!

Here is a picture of after...and it left my top drawer completely empty for something else!

I think it's an improvement, don't you? :)

Another reason I am glad from being done with traveling for a while is trip food!  I knew we'd been on the road too long when Chance was saying grace and said, 'Thank you for my daily corn dog.'  :)  I think the poor boy needs some good home cooking!  So hopefully I will be posting more recipes soon and often again!

Thanks for your patience with me!  Have a great day!

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