Friday, September 17, 2010

Have you ever tried a Jicama?

My dad has always liked to try new things.  He buys unusual things at the grocery store, and also likes to grow unique things in his garden.  So as kids, my siblings and I ate a wide variety of foods!  One of the things we ate, (and liked!) was a jicama.
(pronounced hick-a-ma)

Now, jicamas aren't much to look at.  They are actually tubers, and look somewhat like a turnip, but with brown skin.  To look at them, you wouldn't think they tasted very good!

But really, jicamas have a light, sweet flavor.  Some people say they taste a bit like fresh garden peas.  Jicamas are nearly 90% water.


The outside of a jicama is really tough.  To cut a jicama up, I start by slicing it in half with a sharp knife.

Then, you can either cut or peel the outer layer off.   As you can see in the picture, there is a stringy layer under the 'skin'.  You want to make sure to cut all that off too, because it is tough.

Inside is the crisp white flesh that is so good for snacking on!  Once it is peeled, you can just slice it up whichever way you want.  I like to eat them raw and cold.  You can serve them with a cold veggie tray.  You can also add them to salads or coldslaws.  In Mexico, they douse them with lime juice and sprinkle them with chile powder. 

Check your grocery store and see if they carry jicamas!  Try something new today!

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