Monday, August 9, 2010

Bringing Aprons Back!

     This is the apron that started it all.  At least in my kitchen. :)
I bought this apron off of eBay a couple of years ago, and since then it has basically been a part of me.  Before I started wearing an apron, I used to always end up with greasy spots on all my shirts.  You can ask my husband, I'm not the neatest cook!  So I love my apron!  I wear it whenever I am cooking or washing dishes and it has saved many a shirt!

     Since I liked my apron so well, I decided I wanted another one.  I found some material I really liked and got a pattern.  Now, I have sewn curtains and table runners and things like that, but I have never followed a pattern before. :S  But after many phone calls to my mom I managed to make this apron!


     Then Chance decided he wanted an apron too.  I asked him what color he wanted, expecting him to say green...his favorite color.  But he said, "Blue, to match yours!"  So I got some more material, and made him a cute, simple apron.  It turns out that patterns are kind of like recipes...I can't follow them exactly, I always change things up a bit! :)


     Then I offered to make my sister one.  So I made this cute apron for her.  It's kind of addicting, really. :)

     So now I am thinking I will make aprons to sell.  At first I thought I would have to name my company 'Obviously Homemade', but by the third apron in about a week, I have a little more confidence. :)  There are a couple cute stores around here that sell home goods and kitchen gadgets, etc, so I think I will try to sell through them.  But also sell online, so if anybody wants to order an apron, let me know! :)


  1. Thanks! I'm looking into that! I want to make a few before I list any. :)