Monday, July 12, 2010


Howdy! Welcome to my new blog! I have been thinking about joining the blogging world for a while now, and finally decided to do it. I thought this would be a good place to share my love of cooking, photography, decorating, sewing and crafts, and basically anything to do with homemaking and family. I love to try new recipes, (or make up my own!) and take pictures of the finished product. Eventually I would love to have my own cookbook. But for now I will post them on here so you all can enjoy them! I love taking pictures. I am self taught, and always trying to improve! It would be fun to have photo contests on here, but I am going to start slow and see where things go! I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and continue to visit! Thanks!


  1. i can't wait for your cookbook! :) enjoy doin' all this fun! love ya- amanda

  2. Hi Rachel! Welcome to blogging.. it's addicting! I'll add you to my blog roll and follow your every word. :)

    I have two different blogs: for my business, and for my personal blog. You're welcome to check out both! :)